Łukasz Serwatka – “Believe in yourself and start taking action”

Joined wezi-tec in 2005 as a mechanic

Current Position: Paint Shop Application Technician

Describe your career at wezi-tec and your current position.
My career at wezi-tec began in assembly, where I worked as a mechanic for plastic parts. I then took my chance and became shift leader. After 3 years I was entrusted with managing a newly founded department - the plastic paint shop. Since another 2 years have passed, I have specialised as a technician, something which I continue successfully today.

How did you hear about wezi-tec?
Right after graduating I came across a job offer from wezi-tec, and decided to try my luck.

What made you choose wezi-tec?
As a young graduate, I was looking for a large, modern company that could offer young employees a variety of development opportunities. To my mind, wezi-tec was the best company.

Who trained you for your work, and how?
During my many years at wezi-tec, I had many in-house “teachers” in Poland and Germany. Thanks to their commitment, I got to know working procedures in an international company and learned German. Over the last 10 years I have specialised in industrial plastic painting, and today I teach this to other motivated employees.

What is special for you about wezi-tec and the Weber Group?
wezi-tec and the whole Weber Group are special for me for a specific reason: they provide development opportunities for all young, inexperienced employees. Anyone who is motivated and arrives with a head full of ideas will find a suitable place for themselves here. The company gives us a lot of responsibility and freedom. The best way to learn is from your mistakes.

What distinguishes wezi-tec from other employers in the region?
wezi-tec is a modern company, and is constantly in development - every year, large-scale investments are made. Sometimes it is enough to go on a two-week holiday - when you come back, you can hardly recognise the factory, because so much has changed – for the better. Most of all, however, I am happy about funding for the development and implementation of new technologies and internal ideas. Thanks to this priority, our ideas can be made reality. All this gives makes implementing people’s ideas highly satisfying, and motivates us to keep going.

There is also a good working atmosphere. Working in a team brings everyone great satisfaction; internal communication is flawless. Every employee has excellent access to the required information. I also find the clear division of labour and the equal treatment of all employees a major plus. I have never felt mistreated, even during meetings with people in high positions. Everyone is always respected.

The employee training system is unique here. You don't have to be an expert in every field - you learn a lot on the spot. If there’s a need and an employee wants to, she can participate in a specialist training course from which both sides benefit.  

What met your expectations and ideas?
After graduating, I was looking for something that would interest me. A young person doesn’t always know exactly what he wants to do in the future. A a large company like wezi-tec lets him get involved and try things out in any number of areas. For me, opening of the modern plastic paint shop, where I had been involved right from the start, was a great moment. Few people have the opportunity to work in this industry, which makes the work truly unique. My expectations for finding an interesting occupation and becoming a true specialist have been fully met.

What are your future plans?
I like my work very much, so I am not interested in making any major changes. We are facing many new challenges in view of the company's rapid development. The competition never sleeps. We, that is me and my department, want to be the best in the business. Henry Ford once said, “companies that grow thanks to development and improvement will never perish. But if a company is no longer creative, believing that it has perfected everything and focusing only on manufacturing, it is already lost”.

That's exactly my current plan for the future: Continual development and innovation so that we don’t have to look for business, because the right business is already coming to us.

What tips would you give an applicant?
Work on your courage and commitment. Don't be timid. Apply for a job that is interesting for you. Be confident and trust in your ability. Demonstrate your commitment and remember to focus on your own development. Don't forget to practice and improve your non-native language skills.