Katarzyna Kurczab – “If you can imagine something, you can do it”

Joined wezi-tec in 2012 as a production employee

Current Position: Head of a production department

Describe your career at wezi-tec and your current position.
I started working with wezi-tec in 2012 as a production employee in the assembly department. After 4 months, my commitment and willingness to improve my qualifications earned me a promotion to a department for production-planning specialists. For over 5 years now, I have worked successfully on designing company production plans, while also showing a willingness to go beyond my daily duties. Today, I am head of the production department.

How did you hear about wezi-tec?
I worked for several years before at a company that provides logistics services, and graduated with a Master’s degree in project management. I knew several people who worked at wezi-tec. Everyone spoke highly of the company, so I decided to start my own adventure there. I regularly followed job vacancies on the Internet, and after two months I was able to begin work in one of the production departments. Everything has turned out great.

What made you choose wezi-tec?
The decisive factor that convinced me to apply to wezi-tec was the opinion of people who had already worked there. It was also very important for me to work in a company that has a stable market position, offers its customers the latest technologies, and at the same time gives chances to young people who are just starting out in their careers. Today I know that it was the best decision I could have made.

Who trained you for your work, and how?
From my first day at work, experienced colleagues took me under their wing. For a person taking their first steps in a new company, it is very important to know that they can count on the help of their colleagues – that’s something I’ve always been able to do. Everyone was happy to share their knowledge with me. I also got a lot of help from my supervisor, whose support enabled me to develop my own leadership skills.

What makes wezi-tec and the Weber Group special?
I especially appreciate the working atmosphere here. This has always been very important to me, as good relationships with my colleagues motivate me. I also think it's important that I have the chance to expand my skills every day. I’m happy that I can apply the knowledge I've gained over the years as head of the production department, and actively contribute to the company image.

What distinguishes wezi-tec from other employers in the region?
wezi-tec is a company that concentrates on young, ambitious people who want to make the most of their potential. Employees get the opportunity to develop themselves in various professional areas. The systematic expansion of the company shows that it is constantly evolving to meet the high expectations of its customers.

What met your expectations and ideas?
My job at wezi-tec has enabled me to pursue my professional career in my areas of interest. I have met a number of fantastic people who I’ve learned a lot from. At the same time, I am happy when I can share my knowledge with younger colleagues.

What are your future plans?
My new job as production manager has been an amazing step forward on my professional path. Many new and interesting challenges lie ahead of me. I am the first woman in the company’s history to take on this role, and I will definitely do my best to live up to expectations. I continue to set high goals for myself and will strive to achieve them.

What tips would you give an applicant?
wezi-tec is a company in which everyone can find a job that suits them. Our company's continuous growth means we are constantly recruiting new staff. My own career path is a good example of how worthwhile it is to start on a professional path at wezi-tec – especially if you are strongly motivated to gain new experiences.

Is there anything else you would you like to add?
I encourage you to familiarise yourself with our current job offers and make your professional future at wezi-tec. I am absolutely certain that it will be a good decision.